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          Hello, welcome to visit the website of Nanjing Chengyi Chemical Co., Ltd.!!We are a specialized production enterprise of oxalate series products.

          Nanjing CHENGYI Chemicals Co., Ltd.


          Nanjing CHENGYI Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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          Chengyi Chemical

          Product name: Diethyl maleate
          Molecular weight: 172.18
          Molecular formula: C8H12O4
          CAS number: 141-05-9
          Boiling point: 223 ° C
          Property: Colorless transparent liquid.
          Uses: Mainly used in the production of organic phosphorus pesticide malathion. Used as polymer monomer, synthetic resin plasticizer. Also used as pesticides, fungicides, anti-rust additives, etc.
          Package: 200 kg plastic drum or galvanized iron drum, 30 tons tank truck.