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          Hello, welcome to visit the website of Nanjing Chengyi Chemical Co., Ltd.!!We are a specialized production enterprise of oxalate series products.

          Nanjing CHENGYI Chemicals Co., Ltd.


          Nanjing CHENGYI Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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          Chengyi Chemical

          Product name: Dimethyl oxalate
          CAS No. 553-90-2
          Content: ≥ 99%
          Molecular formula: C4H6O4
          Molecular weight: 118.0
          Property: Colorless monoclinic crystal, soluble in ethanol and ether, soluble in about 17 parts of water, decomposed in hot water, relative density 1.1479, melting point 54 degrees Celsius, boiling point 163-164 degrees Celsius, flash point 75 degrees Celsius, corrosive.
          Uses: It is mainly used for the preparation of pure methanol, the development of new products for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and chemicals.
          Package: 25kg sandwich bag lined with plastic woven bag.